The Grimsby Public Art Gallery offers a dynamic series of exhibitions each year, featuring contemporary  and historic artworks by regional, national and international artists. Exhibitions change approximately every four to six weeks, and each is complemented by a variety of educational programmes for schools and the community as a whole. Programmes are designed to enhance the viewer’s understanding of and interaction with the artwork presented, through lectures, tours, and Hands–On learning.

For schools, each exhibition is complimented by a series of activities that provoke dialogue, critical thinking and analysis skills. Hands–On activities allow students to apply what they have learned to their own artistic creations. All programmes are conducted by the gallery’s Education Coordinator or an experienced Gallery Tour Guide. Our goal is to provide a supportive and inspiring environment where students feel comfortable sharing their ideas and confident in their creative abilities.

Exhibition Tours

A visit to the Gallery will allow students to see and work with some of our most interesting contemporary and historic art. The Gallery’s Education Coordinator and Gallery Tour Guides lead class discussions on important curriculum elements, techniques, and themes in relation to the work in each exhibition. Each student will be given an activity book designed to complement tour discussion and target key concepts with drawing, writing, and observation activities

Gallery Tours may be complemented with a Hands–On art class where students will create their own work inspired by what they have seen in the exhibition. The art class component encourages students to apply what they have learned in the tour while incorporating their own sense of creativity. Each student will finish an artwork that may be brought home after the tour or picked up within a two-week period.

Programme Fees

$4/ student: tour with activity book ~ 1 hour
$8/ student: tour & art class ~ Allow for 2 hours

*These fees are based on a minimum registration of 18 students per tour. Smaller groups are welcome, though please note that prices will vary for smaller class sizes and/ or the choice of activity.

Gallery tours are available in the mornings or afternoons, and scheduling is flexible depending on class needs. Sample activity books are available on request, and all programmes can be adjusted to accommodate special interests or class requirements. Please book your visit early in your curriculum planning for maximum scheduling flexibility.

*An additional mileage fee applies to cover travel costs for all in-school presentations. This fee is based on the Town of Grimsby’s mileage allowance per km to and from the school.

RBC Art Programme

Specially designed for classes that are unable to visit the Gallery in person, the RBC Art Programme will bring the art to you! Using a  digital projector, the Education & Media Coordinator or a Gallery Tour Guide will show the students the artwork in the exhibition, along with other relevant art historical examples. The same activities and Hands–On art class described above for gallery visits will be used to guide each student’s experience of the exhibition.

Education Guides

Downloadable copies of both our Elementary and Highschool Education Guides are available on our webpage: