Painting, printmaking, clay, collage, sculpture, book arts, mixed media, found object art and so much more! Children will learn important skills while exploring a new fun and educational theme each week. These exciting projects are sure to challenge and entertain students all Summer long! 

Mini Makers Mornings

For ages 5-8 years:   9:30 am-12:00 pm

Avid Artists Afternoons

For ages 8-12 years: 1:30 pm- 4:00 pm

Week 6: August 18 - 22
Fantasy Art Week
Regular 1/2 day: 
Members $80 / Non-members $96
In a land far, far away, on a street named Carnegie Lane, brave heroes and crafty villains will gather to  create wondrous works inspired by legends and myths of old. This is the perfect week for Fantasy-loving students!

Week 7: August 25– 29
Deep Sea Adventures
Regular 1/2 day: 
Members $80 / Non-members $96
Yarrr mateys! What fascinating creatures and lost treasures lie at the bottom of the ocean? Students will explore the watery depths through art projects inspired by sea life, ship wrecks, mythological creatures and much more!


Mixed Media Makers  (Ages 5-12)
with Alicia Tompkins
Tuesdays: September 16 - October 21, 2014
6:30pm - 8pm
6 Sessions
$30 Members/ $40 non-members

Each week students will create a project in a different media! Make friends and learn valuable skills in a creative and fun environment. 
Students will learn the basics of fundamental art  practices and media while creating exciting works of art over the course of 6 sessions.


Introduction to Encaustic (Workshop)
with Tracey Mae Chambers
Saturday,  October 18, 2014
From 2pm - 5pm
1 Session
$30 members/$40 non-members

Introduction to Encaustic painting is the process of using wax based paints that are heated to a molten state, applied while molten and fused with a heat source between each layer of paint to bond it to the layer below. This art form engages artists from a wide variety of mediums, such as mixed media, photographers, printmakers, painters and more.
In this one day workshop you will learn about the basic methods of painting with encaustic. Class time is structured with a demonstration and then a space of time for students to experiment on their own. Questions and answers are welcome throughout the class.
No experience is necessary.
Material list to be provided upon registration****

Self-Portraits in Paper Mache and Acrylic 
(Two Day Workshop)
with Tracey Mae Chambers
Saturday,  Nov. 8 & Sunday Nov. 9 , 2014
From 2pm - 5pm
2 Sessions
$45 members/$55 non-members 

 Join us for this two day sculpture workshop facilitated by encaustic artist Tracey-Mae Chambers. Participants will learn to create their own piece of unique body sculpture. Using paper mache students will construct a model of themselves using a t-shirt and tape. Artfully painted and decorated using a variety of textural styles and mixed media techniques to complete the final form. The participant will be asked to bring odds and ends to the class to add to their sculpture - things that represent them in some way. 
This workshop is catered to all skill levels, and open to first-timers as well as the experienced. 

Introduction to Rug-Hooking: Christmas Ornaments!
with Ruth Emerson
Ages 16 and up
Saturday,  November 22, 2014 
From 2pm - 4pm
1 Session
$30 members/$40 non-members

Ruth Emerson has a fun way to introduce rug-hooking. Since she began teaching in 1985, Ruth has created some wonderful work in such a diverse medium.  Using basic techniques and a choice of subject, students will have the chance to use cut up wool and flannel on burlap canvases - with their choice of design!  Rug Hooking is a traditional pioneer craft as well as a fine art.

**A $9 material fee payable to the instructor at the beginning of class will include all necessary goodies to create!  **Please note, this workshop has a maximum space of 9

Life Drawing
(no instructor)
Tuesdays, October 30 -  November 20, 2014 
From 6pm - 8pm
4 Sessions
$40 members/$50 non-members

This Open Studio format allows each artist to determine their own needs ~ quick studies to extended poses. There is no instructor and each   participant chooses their own media. No materials are provided by the gallery.


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