Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Relief Printmaking: This Sunday!

Join us this Sunday for Relief Printmaking: The Forest and the Trees! This Special Summer Skills program is completely free, and all materials are provided. Register while you can!

Relief printing involves carving into a block of linoleum or softoleum to create negative and positive space. Carving removes the whites (negative space) around the image. We’ll start the workshop with a discussion of what imagery works best with this style of printmaking, what inks and papers work best and where to obtain supplies. Students are encouraged to bring their own imagery for inspiration. Printing will be done on paper that is 5”x7” with a hand brayer, rice spoon or using a portable printing press. Students will get the opportunity to experiment with different colours of ink on traditional Western and Japanese papers. All materials are supplied.

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  1. Wow this seems so good to be true! Like you will even be providing material free of cost! that’s great! count me in for this