Monday, June 06, 2016

At the Seams: Opening this Friday and You're Invited!

This group exhibition brings together established and emerging artists whose work provides visual exchanges between craft, contemporary art and constructions of identity. Given that both craft and what has commonly been thought of as women’s work are often defined along gendered lines, this exhibition will address and explore realm of the “feminine” and the body through the use of textile-based works. Employing materials and methods that are affiliated with the genre of craft, such as beading, knitting and sewing, artists are asked to respond/give consideration to the following themes in their respective works: the definitions of “women’s work”; notions of performance and/or labour in regards to gendered work; the performing body; the role of textile art as a form of communication; the tension between fine art, craft and its various intersections; the relationships between the textile arts and other forms of documentation; and familial geneologies. Their symbolic and innovative interpretation of materials and materiality act as vehicles for eliciting emotional responses and as objects of aesthetic contemplation in concert with the notion of the transcendental, exploring a variety of issues including the embedding of historical narratives, racial stereotyping and violence, to the globalization of culture. 

This exhibition will be co-presented by Third Space Art Projects, a Canadian curatorial collective (founded by Pamela Edmonds and Sally Frater in 2009) which is invested in the promotion of diasporic arts with a focus on the arts of the African diaspora. Through this project, we hope to provide audiences the opportunity to engage not just with contemporary art, African diaspora culture and its histories, but also with how these reflect, refract or participate in shaping and mapping the human condition. 

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