Monday, May 16, 2016

Xtracurricular 2016 Opening this Friday!

Xtracurricular 2016
An Annual Highschool Art Exhibition
May 20-June 5, 2016

Opening Reception:

Friday, May 20: 4pm-5pm

Xtracurricular is an annual exhibition that features artwork by local high school students and their teachers. This is our chance to showcase the work of the talented individuals who will be our next generation of regional artists.

The exhibition will include a wide range of artworks in a variety of media ranging from drawing and painting to printmaking, sculpture and photography. 

Xtracurricular represents a year’s worth of learning. These students have explored their surroundings and manipulated their materials in order to transform a given project or set of guidelines into unique and meaningful works of art. Please join us to congratulate these talented youths!

Xtracurricular 2015

Xtracurricular 2015

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