Monday, March 14, 2016

Photography: Lessons from Rembrandt at GPAG!

The Spring is almost here and so are our Spring Courses & Workshops!

Join us for a special two day workshop; 
Photography: Lessons from Rembrandt.

Typical photography courses often focus on the technicalities and creativity of the photograph.  Often, photographs become point and shoot exercises.  Photography: Lessons from Rembrandt will take participants through proven techniques used by painters over the past several centuries to put creativity back into the picture.  Students will go through exercises to create photographs that engage the viewer while promoting insightful commentary and dialogue, and traditional composition.

*Participants must bring their own camera
Material List to be provided upon registration

This workshop will introduce participants to compositional concepts used by painters for centuries.  Concepts such as Chiaroscuro; the use of cast shadows and diagonals to create a sense of depth in an image; the use of close, large objects vs. small distant objects to increase the illusion of distance; overlapping objects to provide a sense of depth; the deliberate use of colour, hue and contrast to set the mood in a photograph.  Most amateur photographers are focused on creating a single, isolated image; few photographers consider the creation of diptychs or triptychs.
While the rule of thirds has a place in the creation of photographs, it has been over emphasized in courses, magazines and books.  It is merely one approach to creation and needs to be balanced by techniques such as the golden rule.

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