Thursday, December 10, 2015

Echoes: Recent Acquisitions in Context opening this Sunday!

Echoes: Recent Acquisitions in Context
December 12, 2015- January 31, 2016

Opening Reception:
Sunday, December 13

Franz Johnston, Untitled
Collection of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery

Arthur Lismer, Tangled Forest
Collection of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery

Public Art Galleries typically have three primary functions: exhibition, education and preservation of visual art. Exhibition and education are the public face of the gallery. Preservation, including the various activities involved in building and maintaining a collection, is usually a behind the scenes activity. Grimsby Public Art Gallery, like many other contemporary art galleries and museums, is seeking to de-mystify the backroom. The gallery’s collection is held in trust for the people of the town of Grimsby. It belongs to the public and as such the public has every right to enjoy it – and to understand it. Echoes: Recent Acquisitions in Context seeks to increase knowledge about the collection by showing viewers how some of our recently acquired art works enhance existing areas of strength.

Most of the pieces featured in this exhibition have entered the collection during the past ten years. They include works by several members of the Group of Seven; pieces that help extend our understanding of the more traditional historic Canadian paintings in the collection. We have also added some significant works by regional artists that demonstrate the concerns and interests of both the individual artists, and concerns of our  society. Environmental issues, international events, even changing depictions of local landscape all help us to better understand our particular place in the world.

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