Monday, October 19, 2015

Toni Hamel's The Lingering opening October 24!

Opening October 24, The Lingering brings together incredibly relevant issues using sculpture and drawing.

Toni Hamel,
The Lingering

October 24-October 6, 2015

Opening Reception:

Sunday, October 25

Toni Hamel views art-making as an empowering, cathartic tool to tackle the dark issues and questions surrounding universal themes such as gender roles, self-image, identity, and self-acceptance. The lingering is inspired by the banality and confinement of domestic life. This work, imbued with symbolism, irony and satire, is an illustrated commentary not only on Hamel’s own life, but of the shared experiences of women.

Hamel’s subjects are explored through drawing, mixed media, sculpture and installation. Each component used in her work, including vintage objects and materials traditionally associated with women’s crafts, is specifically selected to add further layers of meaning to the composition. Although seemingly critical of domestic life, Hamel’s artwork is making peace with the conflict between her creative impulse and her domestic obligations – proving that her roles as wife, mother and artists can co-exist.

Toni Hamel was born & raised in Italy. She holds a BFA from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lecce, a post graduate certificate in Computer Graphics from Sheridan College and a Golden Key Award from the University of Toronto where she attended the specialist Program in Psychology. Her work has been exhibited across Ontario; she has received numerous awards including two OAC grants.

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