Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Introduction to Washi: Try Something New!

This Fall, we're excited to offer some new and unique courses & workshops!

Introduction to Washi is 
one of those special courses this fall.
Learn how to transform flat pieces of Japanese paper into lightweight, malleable, translucent sculptural material step by step with the instructor!

About Tracey-Mae Chambers:

Tracy-Mae Chambers is a First Nations artist who focuses mainly on mixed media and abstract acrylics. There has been a long time stereotype that First Nations cultures use every part of anything that they take from Mother Earth for their use. In this case, the stereotype is correct! I believe that there can be a harmonious connection between objects and art. I mould, manipulate and transform even the simplest objects into an appetite for the eye. I strive to express our wasteful culture though art and am happiest when I can incorporate objects found by friends and family into my work.

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