Monday, September 21, 2015

The Art of 40 Opening, THIS FRIDAY, September 25!

The Art of 40
New works by Alisa Cunnington 
& Jan Yates

Artists’ Reception:

Friday, September 25, 2015

The Artists will be present

The Art of 4O marks the first four decades of the 
Grimsby Public Art Gallery, an institution that has 
been bringing art and people together since its founding in 1975.   Students, artists, patrons, novices, experts, enthusiasts... they are all here. 
In sharing the stories of the gallery and its community, The Art of 4O connects us to the gallery’s history so that we better understand the GPAG of today.

Art builds connections: among artists, among artists and the people who interact with the art,
among the many and varied people experiencing the art together. 
Communities and histories grow out of these connections and amazing, unexpected events occur.

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is one of these surprising happenings. It was built from the ground up by the people of Grimsby, led by a man who loved art, education, and building community in equal measure. The works created by Jan Yates and Alisa Cunnington are explorations of the 4O-year history of the gallery. At the same time, they are reflections on GPAG’s role in the community: bringing the world of visual art to Grimsby and supporting the artistic activities of local artists and aspiring artists.

As you explore The Art of 4O, we hope that you find stories that speak to your connections - with art, with GPAG, and with the Grimsby community.

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