Friday, July 03, 2015

Art of 40 Call for Entries: Due today @ 5pm!

Our Call for Artists for The Art of 40, is due today, July 3 at 5pm!

Have your entries in, and don't miss this incredible opportunity!

The Art of 40: Celebrating 40 Years of Celebrating Art
(public outdoor installations)

Deadline TODAY!: July 3, 2015 @ 5pm

The Art of 40 will consist of four installations in the Rotary Clubs of Grimsby Sculpture Garden, near the main entrance to the Grimsby Public Art Gallery. The installations will address the 40 year relationship between GPAG and local and regional communities within which we exist, will celebrate this significant milestone and will look toward future achievements.

Many themes could potentially be addressed, including but in no way limited to: working with the concept of 40 (40 years, 4 decades, 4 seasons, 4 directions – even Grimsby’s historic name, The Forty for the 40 Mile Creek) or GPAG special areas of interest including book arts, the environment, and regional agriculture.

As part of their proposal artists are asked to develop a program or interactive component (performance, hands-on workshop, community art project etc.) that encourages community members to participate in the celebration and enhances their appreciation of the art. The Art of 40 will be documented and preserved in a digital/print publication.

Project goals are to enhance the public profile of GPAG during our 40th anniversary year, to strengthen and extend the strong and positive symbiotic relationship GPAG has with regional artists and to preserve knowledge of the project and all of the creative energy that it engenders for future residents of the Niagara Region.

Niagara artists working in any medium or media are welcome to apply; the out of doors location, and minimally monitored and protected nature of the site, should be taken into consideration. A site plan of the GPAG building and photographs of the sculpture garden from different angles are available on our website

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