Friday, June 19, 2015

Celebrating GPAG: The First 10 Years Opening Reception!

If you haven't had a chance to see The First 10 Years, the show is up until July 12!
Have a peak at some of the work below!

In the spring of 1975, GPAG first opened its doors, creating a small, community gallery in the lower level of the Grimsby Public Library. GPAG has become an integral part of the local and regional arts scene: collecting art, exhibiting art and providing numerous opportunities for artists to learn, be inspired and create.

To celebrate our 40th year, we invited a group of regional artists, the Lakeside Pumphouse Artists Association, to work with the collection, create art and build an exhibition. Participating artists chose works from the collection that represent GPAG’s first decade (1975 – 1985) and, inspired by those works, created pieces of their own. The original works from the collection and the pieces created by LPAA members will be exhibited together in the gallery from June 12 – July 12, giving visitors a chance to experience both GPAG’s amazing collection and the talents of these local and regional artists.

Collecting and preserving art is a key part of GPAG’s work as a public art gallery, but equally important is making art available to the public and encouraging people to actively enjoy and engage with art. Artists have a particular interest in becoming more familiar with the collection; enjoying and learning from each other’s work has helped to forge community and build skills amongst artists throughout history. Participating in this project has helped LPAA members learn and develop as artists, and at the same time their experience adds to our understanding of these pieces. Gallery visitors and the community at large also gain enjoyment, knowledge – and possibly even an inspirational spark that will ignite their own desire to create.  Every Sunday during this show, a participating artist will be on hand to guide visitors through the Gallery!

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