Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Viewfinder: Opening April 12!!

Viewfinder opens April 3 - Join us Sunday, April 12 from 2pm-4pm for our opening reception - the artist will be in attendance!

What is this exhibition about?

Viewfinder is an exhibition that documents the processes and design decisions made by artist Alan Stein during the creation of a hand-printed, limited edition book.
The book, also titled Viewfinder, is a selection of 18 poems by well-known Canadian author Michael Crummey. The poems focus on Crummey’s preoccupation with the history and landscape of Newfoundland and Labrador. In these poems, Crummey adopts voices from the past or tells stories of his own family. He is most concerned with our transient place in the natural world and the ephemeral traces we leave as we pass.
Stein collaborated with Crummey in the selection of the poems, then created wood engravings to illustrate each poem and hand printed the book in a limited edition of 50 copies on his Vandercook #4 proof press. This exhibition shows the steps in the process of this year long project with working models of the book, sketches for the engravings, proofs printed in the development of the engravings, the wood engraving blocks, tools, materials and type used in the production of the book, as well as full size charcoal drawings and complete set of the original wood engravings

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