Monday, April 13, 2015

Introduction to WASHI with Tracey-Mae Chambers!

If you're looking for a unique, creative experience, Introduction to Washi might just be for YOU!

Join us Saturday, May 9 for an exciting introduction to mixed media, new materials, paper mache and much more!

Learn how to transform flat pieces of Japanese Paper in to lightweight, malleable, translucent sculptural material.  Using konnyaku (traditional starch paste), leather, fur, inks, acrylics, and raw beeswax you will play with manipulating this beautiful paper into your own creations!


Saturday, May 9, 2015

$50 Members/$60 Non-Members

**$15 Material Kit (covers all materials) available at the beginning of class from the instructor

About Tracey-Mae Chambers

I am at present working on projects for as well as the ‘Walking Together’ project at Woodland Cultural
Centre and Planet IndigenUS which coincides with the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games.  I also continue to build
‘about eve’ my solo exhibition.

‘Walking Together’ pairs residential school survivors with grade twelve students at Pauline Johnson
Collegiate in Brantford ON.   The twelve students are required to do a photography and writing element. Two
students are paired per elder and they tour the school together taking photos and listening and recording
stories about the elder’s time at the facility.  I am responsible for teaching the students to paint with encaustic
paint and then help them use their writing and photos to create an artistic representation of their experience.
The result was both heart breaking and spirit lifting.  I strive to make my artistic presence and experiences have
meaning and substance by working on such projects.

‘Mother. Earth’ will be an installation piece at The Japanese Paper Place in Toronto.   I will be working with Ahmoo Angeconeb, from Lac Seul First Nation on this creation for Planet IndigenUS 2015. My portion of this work will be centred around creation and how we are linked to the Mother in so many intrinsic ways, yet
we continue to exploit and harm our very means of existence. I wanted to find a way to express that through
Washi.  I have begun creating seeds and eggs this weekend of varying shapes and sizes. From about 21” high
and 14” wide to very small ones that can fit in the palm of your hand. I will also be representing the trees which
are used to make Washi using the paper they produce. Illustrating the circular nature of our world.
After being mentored by such a powerful force as Christi Belcourt I find that I am gravitating towards
creating works that address social change in women’s roles as well as body image issues. The resulting body of
work is entitled ‘about eve’. The exhibition includes wax sculptures of thirty eight volunteers, three life size
dresses and twenty four paintings. The work has been very well received by visitors and school groups alike and
the exhibition gives an opportunity for teachers to discuss body image with students.

My body of work for exhibition focuses on negative body image and I strive to convey my dismay at its
prevalence through my art. Many others are dedicated to affect change in the sad statistics involved with the
diseases associated with our preoccupation with our self-image. So my solo show ‘about eve’ was and
continues to be well received. A residency in the fall of 2013 at Gushul Studio in Blairmore Alberta gave me the
opportunity to dedicate time to researching my direction for my project for 2014 First Nations Art at Woodland
Cultural Centre in as the first featured artist for the annual exhibition. I worked as an artist in residence at the
Living Arts Centre in Mississauga’s textile/encaustic studio to complete this project. I will be attending the
National Eating Disorder Information Centre’s ‘Body Image and Self Esteem Conference’ April 16 & 17, 2015 in
Toronto to further research this disturbing issue.

I have continued to put my education at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto to good use as I pursue
teaching positions at many art facilities across Canada and in my home studio space. I feel a great joy in sharing
my passion for art creation and I continue to reach out to anyone who wants to learn. I have recently become
one of the few instructors for Encaustikos which manufactures encaustic mediums and supplies. This
opportunity has enriched my practice due to the ongoing education in the art form. I also participate in both
gallery and art group auctions, as well as juried shows and am happy to have my work currently showcased at a
variety of venues across Ontario. I am looking forward to a bright 2015 continuing what I feel is important work
addressing our preoccupation with body image.

Miigwetch, Tracey-Mae Chambers 

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