Wednesday, April 29, 2015

GPAG Virtual Exhibitions thanks to RBC!

Article thanks to Amanda Moore of Niagara This Week:
April 29, 2015, Page 23

On Thursday, March 26, The Grimsby Public Art Gallery was honoured to receive a grant from the RBC Foundation for our Virtual Exhibitions Programme.

GPAG believes that art is integral to the overall well-being and vitality of any community and supports this belief by creating unique, relevant and educational programming for children, adults and seniors. As the only public art gallery in the Niagara Region, GPAG offers innovative and challenging programmes and activities that support and enhance the Ministry of Education’s Visual Arts Curriculum and exposes students to the vast range of creative experiences available to them in today’s visual culture. We encourage teachers to participate in planning art education experiences, and we are pleased to design programmes that suit individual classroom needs. 

The gallery’s Education Coordinator is readily available to meet with teachers, individually or as part of a staff meeting to discuss programming options.

GPAG offers a dynamic schedule of nine to ten exhibitions each year, featuring contemporary and historic artworks by regional, national and international artists. Exhibitions change approximately every six weeks and each exhibition is complemented by a variety of educational programmes designed to enhance the viewer’s understanding of and interaction with the artwork presented. Specifically for schools, we develop educational programmes that provoke dialogue, enhance critical thinking and teach analysis skills. Hands-on activities allow students to apply what they have learned to their own artistic creations. Our goal is to provide a supportive and inspiring environment where students feel comfortable sharing their ideas and develop confidence in their creative abilities. 

Although we always stress the importance of interacting with original art, we do realize that for logistical or financial reasons it is not always possible for classes to physically visit the gallery. 

Our Virtual Exhibitions Programme is the perfect solution for schools and organizations in that situation; it allows the GPAG to come to them! Developed in 2005 with the help of the Niagara Community Foundation and the RBC Foundation, this programme brings virtual tours of gallery exhibitions into classrooms across our region.
Using a digital projector, the Education Coordinator or a trained instructor will show students images of the work currently on display in the gallery along with relevant supplementary materials. The presentation is complemented by a Hands-on art class where students will create their own art work, inspired by what they have seen and applying what they have learned. Virtual Exhibitions can also bring any of our regular Hands-on art activities or our themed Six Session Series into the class room.

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