Monday, March 02, 2015

Parallax: Opening Reception

If you haven't had a chance to see Parallax, this two person exhibition will be up until March 22!

We were honoured to have the artists present for their opening, and if you missed it, not to worry!

On Tuesday, March 10, artist Duncan MacDonald of Parallax will talk about his work at 1pm in GPAG's studio!

Parallax surveys a collection of ongoing interests, experiments, and discussions between St. Catharines based artists Arnold McBay and Duncan MacDonald. 

In this exhibition, the artists excavate meaning fromwithin the precious and discarded moments of our existence, presenting the viewer with a series of questions surrounding permanence, ephemerality, and the senses. 

Existing as collective yet singular bodies of work, the artists ruminate on similar conceptual frameworks within a series of self-reflexive materials and artistic processes. The origin of sound is refracted through its own absence in MacDonald’s work, while challenging the viewer’s sensory experience. Sound is observed as both silent and physical, and through the mediums of video, sculpture, and installation, poetics, colonial history, and the perpetual cycle of destruction are recorded. 

Through a series of works that explore our attachment to objects, marks, gestures, and signs, fragments of found knowledge resurface as tangible forms in McBay’s practice. In this collection and documentation of found objects, traces of language, history, and personal archeology are both preserved and deconstructed. Within these works, poetryremains embedded in the surface of personal archives; revealing that time is in itself materiality. 

In its reference to perception, the notion of parallax recalls the precarious nature of collaboration, which often yields different observations and results. 

Emma German

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