Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Join us on Sunday, February 8, 2015, 
from 2pm-4pm for the 
Opening Reception of Parallax!

Admission is FREE and all are welcome!

This exhibition will focus on process, non-traditional concepts & artistic practice while being an experience of sight and sound!

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Duncan MacDonald & Arnie McBay

The conceptual focus of our exhibition is based on a simple enculturation and naturalization process: 

A piece of broken glass washes upon a shoreline - originally (largely) sand, re-purposed as a utilitarian object, discarded; time, erosion and repetitive sandblasting return it to its natural form.

Parallax aims to explore this simple but complex self-reflexive set of material and active processes; form evolves over time; time is in itself materiality. Glass is the conceptual glue that holds this two-person show together. A translucent, almost invisible substance, glass is simultaneously something and nothing. Perspective, perception, phenomenology, and poetics collide in what we imagine to be a collection of artworks prompting viewers to re-consider the function and magic of the senses.

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