Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Introduction to Encaustic with Tracey-Mae Chambers!

Artist & Educator, Tracey-Mae Chambers is offering this incredible Encaustic introduction workshop! Learn techniques in one of the oldest painting mediums - or give the gift of art and register a friend or loved one!


Encaustic painting is using heated beeswax with pigment fused colour. The melted wax acts as paint to create some of the most remarkable textures and finishes.

Introduction to Encaustic painting is the process of using wax based paints that are heated to a molten state, applied while molten and fused with a heat source between each layer of paint to bond it to the layer below. This art form engages artists from a wide variety of mediums, such as mixed media, photographers, printmakers, painters and more.

In this one day workshop you will learn about the basic methods of painting with encaustic. Class time is structured with a demonstration and then a space of time for students to experiment on their own. Questions and answers are welcome throughout the class. No experience is necessary.
**Material list to be provided upon registration

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