Monday, October 06, 2014

War Games at the GPAG!

When we think of Art Galleries, we think of pristine walls, quiet spaces, and formality.

On Saturday, October 18th, the Grimsby Public Art Gallery will be ANYTHING BUT!

Game Masters from across Southern Ontario will unite in a day of War Games! 


Battle of Chippewa (Craig Alexander):

The Battle of Chippawa, fought on July 5th 1814, was the opening engagement of the Niagara campaign of 1814, the longest and bloodiest of the War of 1812.  The battle took place on the fields of Samuel Street's farm near the banks of the Niagara River. It began when a British, Canadian and aboriginal force of about 2,000 men attacked an invading American army of about 3,500 men. The fighting started early in the morning and lasted until nearly six o'clock in the evening. When it was over, the British were forced to withdraw and the Americans won the day.  Will history be repeated?  

The game will be played with 28mm miniatures and the rules will be British Grenadier.  The scenario is ideal for 4 players.

Afternoon of Queenston Heights (Dan Abbott)

This scenario takes place in the afternoon of Oct. 1812,and focuses on the mistakes committed by both sides.

The game is based on 28mm figures. It will run twice and can take 4 to 6 players.

Battle of Baltimore (Ft. McHenry) (Stephen J. Arthurs):

will incorporate a land and sea battle, involving natives, privateers, militia and regular forces of both Americans and British.

8 to 10 players, and it will run the full duration of the day roughly 5 to 5.5 hrs. 
Once Upon a Time In Upper Canada (John Goldsworthy and Andy Hohn):

We'll be using Iron Ivan's This Very Ground rules for be a War of 1812 skirmish "patrol" game which could accomodate 8 players (I can be ready for 10 but eight is my probable "span of control"). Each player will run a "patrol" of 12-20 figures and each will have a mission to complete. Cooperation is possible but ONLY if the commander figures are within speaking distance. British regulars, Canadian fencibles and militia, First Nations warriors, US regulars (infantry and rifles), State militia are all included, all in 25mm. There are objective markers on the table which must be touched to see what is there. Some are the real objectives, some are booby prizes like a nest of rattlesnakes, a group of refugees, a group of bee-hives, or even a cart full of liquor!

8 – 10 players

Burlington Races (Wayne Keer)

A development of Wooden Ships & Iron Men, re-scaled and adapted for battle on the Great Lakes. Fighting sail on the lakes is a little known aspect of the war that I'm sure your participants would find fascinating. The specific scenario I have in mind is called A Singular Afternoon. It was the one day in the war that both commanders sought active battle. It took place on Sept. 28, 1813 on Lake Ontario north of Grimsby. Historically it culminated with what is known as the Burlington Races. The scenario begins as the fleets close and before the Americans got their lucky shot.

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