Thursday, August 28, 2014

Instructor Spolight: Alicia Tompkins!


We have an exciting line-up of incredible Courses and Workshops coming this Fall to the GPAG.  Today we're proud to introduce our After School Mixed Media Makers Instructor! 

Meet Alicia Tompkins!

About Alicia,

I have always had a passion for all types of art including; drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, videography and editing. 

I attended Sheridan College for Art Fundamentals and Television and Film where I learned a variety of different techniques and was able to explore my artistry. 

I attended Brock University for Child and Youth Studies, where I majored in Visual Arts and graduated from Medaille Teachers College in Buffalo, NY, with a Masters degree in Education, fulfilling my passions of becoming a teacher and an artist.

Over the past 3 years, I have been teaching and sharing my passion for the arts with my students. Over the years, I also worked as a Videographer / Editor for Weddings and a Photographer for children and families portraits and today I own my own Photography business.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Instructor Spotlight: Tabitha Stephens!


We have an exciting line-up of incredible Courses and Workshops coming this Fall to the GPAG.

Classes for Kids, Teens and lots for Adults too!

Today we look at a wonderful instructor who will be teaching our Teens!


About Tabitha:

I have been making art all my life. I first started taking a serious interest in painting when my high school, E.L. Crossley asked me to create a mural for their music department. Painting became a daily part of my life my junior and senior year and I never looked back. After receiving the Pelham Art Society Scholarship I went on the Brock University where I received my BA in History and Visual Art. 

I have always had a fascination for history and I draw a lot of inspiration for my work from history, as well as nature. Almost all of my abstract pieces are based around nature. I also love to travel and get a lot of inspiration from that. I don’t limit myself to just one medium. I enjoy drawing, photography as well as painting and love combining these mediums. I hope to pursue a career in Art and am currently trying to make my way into the art scene.


(Ages 12-17)


September 28- October 26 (no class Oct 5)

2pm - 4pm

4 Sessions

$30 Members/ $40 non-members

Open to all experience levels, the Fundamentals of Art will take students through traditional aspects of drawing, painting, composition, perspective and creativity.  Each week will present a different project utilizing traditional and modern techniques in art. All materials are included!

Early registration is OPEN!  Contact the Gallery to reserve a spot!

P: (905) 945-3246

Friday, August 15, 2014

Instructor Spotlight: Tracey-Mae Chambers!


We have an exciting line-up of incredible Courses and Workshops coming this Fall to the GPAG.

Classes for Kids, Teens and lots for Adults too!

Today, we look at an incredible instructor offering TWO exceptional workshops.



I am a work in progress both as a native artist and as a person. My work has evolved over the last few years from non-representational abstract to encaustic and sculpture. This is largely due to the Ontario Arts Council ~Career and Access Development Grant which involved a mentorships under Christi Belcourt and Linda Lundstom as well as my month learning encaustics from Ann Shier. Since then I have been honing my skills and developing my strategy for the First Nations show in the spring. 

After working with Christi Belcourt I realized that I have gravitated towards creating works that address social issues in general and women's body image problems. I have represented this in both paintings and in sculptural form. The exhibition includes thirty three sculptures of women's torsos which I have made from paper mache and then painted with bees wax. These women have donated their 'shape' to the exhibition and they will be grouped together and address our perceptions of body image. These volunteers range from thirteen women at a women's shelter, a women suffering from anorexia, a mastectomy survivor and most touching, a women who asked that the ashes of her mother be incorporated into the wax for her contribution and also friends and relatives. 

There are 20+ encaustic paintings as well as the central piece which is a life size women dresses in a hooped shirt dress and bodice made from Japanese paper which is filled with dolls and lit from within, illustrating women as a human incubator.


Introduction to Encaustic (Workshop)
Saturday, October 18, 2014 

From 2pm - 5pm

1 Session
$30 members/$40 non-members


Introduction to Encaustic painting is the process of using wax based paints that are heated to a molten state, applied while molten and fused with a heat source between each layer of paint to bond it to the layer below. This art form engages artists from a wide variety of mediums, such as mixed media, photographers, printmakers, painters and more.
In this one day workshop you will learn about the basic methods of painting with encaustic. Class time is structured with a demonstration and then a space of time for students to experiment on their own. Questions and answers are welcome throughout the class.
No experience is necessary.

Material list to be provided upon registration****

Self-Portraits in Paper Mache and Acrylic 
(Two Day Workshop)
Saturday, November 8, & Sunday November 9, 2014

From 2pm - 5pm

2 Sessions
$45 members/$55 non-members


Join us for this two day sculpture workshop facilitated by encaustic artist Tracey-Mae Chambers. Participants will learn to create their own piece of unique body sculpture. Using paper mache students will construct a model of themselves using a t-shirt and tape. Artfully painted and decorated using a variety of textural styles and mixed media techniques to complete the final form. The participant will be asked to bring odds and ends to the class to add to their sculpture - things that represent them in some way. 
This workshop is catered to all skill levels, and open to first-timers as well as the experienced. 

Early registration is OPEN!  Contact the Gallery to reserve a spot!

P: (905) 945-3246

Monday, August 11, 2014

FANTASY ART WEEK - Spots Still Available!

Our Summer Art Camp continues next week with


There are no creative limits for our sixth week - open to ages 5-12!

To register, please contact the Gallery!