Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring 2014 Instructor Spotlight: Thomas Stirr and Jan Yates

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery is focused on creating unique, relevant and educational programming both for the larger community and for our artist community. It is our goal to create a sense that art is for everyone and is pertinent in the lives of our community members. Art is integral to the overall well-being and vitality of any community and this is highlighted through our programming. 

Our Spotlight this week is on two instructors with passion, and a life time of knowledge.  Two educators who love what they do.  Thomas Stirr and Jan Yates bring care to both the classroom, and their own artistic practice, and are teaching two AWESOME workshops!

Thomas Stirr, M.B.A.

Workshop: Introduction to Landscape Photography, May 9th

Thomas Stirr is an author, coach, mentor, photographer and videographer.  Thomas holds an MBA from Athabasca University, the largest executive MBA program in Canada.

"Ever since I was a child the world around me was always an intensely visual experience. Images can grab us by the jugular. They can make our emotions flow. Stimulate us to take action. Cause us to be introspective. Touch us at very our core.
I can still remember buying my first “real” camera…a Nikkormat…putting on a lens and looking through it for the first time. It was a new and powerful way of seeing the world. An incredible tool to capture those rare moments of life that form our legacy, and the history of others."

Introduction to Landscape Photography (workshop description)
with Thomas Stirr

Friday, May 9, 2014
7pm - 8:30pm
1 Session

$5 members/$8 non-members

Whether you’re someone looking to improve your holiday snapshots or an amateur wanting to learn more about landscape photography, you’ll enjoy spending time with Grimsby photographer Tom Stirr and his Introduction to Landscape Photography presentation. You’ll have a chance to view a selection of Tom’s images and get some insights on three key areas that can help you improve your landscape photography:

1. Composition techniques. This includes scene balance, dominating elements, leading lines, working with contrast, working with shapes, and changing scene composition with your choice of lens/focal length.

2. Understanding your gear. Whether you are using a point and shoot camera, a super zoom compact, an interchangeable lens mirror-less camera, or a DSLR, understanding the strengths and limitations of your gear can help you make the most of your photo opportunities. Tom will discuss various attributes of camera sensor types including dynamic range and colour depth. He will also share some insights some of the basics you need to understand about various camera settings like ISO, aperture, and colour balance.

3. Using software to enhance your photography. This is not a session about how to use any specific software program, but rather an overview of how using photographic software can help you enhance your landscape images. Tom will be sharing ‘before and after’ examples.

This will be a fast-paced and enjoyable evening for all! To see some of Tom’s work visit his web site and view his Limited Edition Prints and Photo Art Prints.

Thomas Stirr, Untitled, ©2014 Thomas Stirr

Jan Yates, S.C.A.

Workshop: In the Orchard (Special Plein Air Workshop) May 10th.

Since moving back to Canada from Southern California, Jan Yates has been elected as a member of the Society of Canadian Artists and Landscape Artists International. Her work is held in collections throughout North America, Ireland, Europe and Australia and she has been awarded several grants from the Ontario Arts Council, including an international travel grant in 2012.

Above all else, the land informs the development of Yates’ work. For over a decade the artist has made paintings and constructions directly on rural land near her home on the Niagara Escarpment, a Unesco biosphere reserve. The process of creating on site is integral to Yates as it cultivates an intimate dialogue with the earth’s growth, decay and renewal. The two and three dimensional works are then used as catalysts for in-studio exploration. Preservation and the importance of maintaining ecological integrity concerning protected land also motivates her work. 

Jan Yates has been an influential figure in the regional art scene, contributing her time and ideas to many community endeavours. She has spent five years researching Greenbelt legislation in Southern Ontario and recently expanded her investigations to include rural communities outside of Canada. The culmination is a body of work that reflects and distils a continuous cycle of give and take between preservation and urbanization. Yates continues to teach and her work is represented by the Jordan Art Gallery, of which she is a partner.

In the Orchard: (Special Plein Air Workshop)
with Jan Yates, S.C.A.

Saturday, May 10, 2014
2pm - 4pm
1 Session

$40 members/$50 non-members

The vibrant spring colours are here for a very short time-let’s get outside and paint them!

We will work on location Monet style-‘en plein air’- amongst orchards, lush fields and a big open sky. For those preferring to paint structures, there are barns, fences and wonderful fallen down sheds for inspiration.

This workshop is enjoyable for those with minimal art-making experience as well as more seasoned artists. In inclement weather, paintings will progress in the studio with fresh spring cuttings as inspiration. 
Sessions are in oil or acrylic. Participants are responsible for their own supplies, paints etc. and a suggested colour pallet and list will be provided upon registration. Some outdoor easels are available. 

*this workshop will make a lovely Mother’s Day Gift!


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