Monday, February 03, 2014

Opening this Sunday: Myths Made Modern, curated by Kristen Smith

Join us this Sunday, February 9th from 2pm - 4pm for the opening of Myths Made Modern.
Curated by Kristen Smith

Helping to train the next generation of cultural workers by providing a range of employment and volunteer opportunities for students is an important part of the GPAG’s mandate.

For most of the past decade, Collections Management Summer students have had the opportunity to use the knowledge they gain while working with the GPAG’s permanent collection to curate an exhibition using those works.

Each exhibition reflects the special interests and skills of the individual student – and very often the students surprise all of us by selecting works that have not been displayed regularly in Gallery exhibitions.

Myths Made Modern will focus on Neoclassical themes. Neoclassicism is the revival of the style and subjects of the Classical period of Ancient Greece and Rome. Scenes from Ancient myths and battles are featured and the artists developed an appropriate style by studying works from antiquity and the Renaissance. Smith chose this theme because of her personal fascination with Ancient history and mythology, a fascination that enhances her own deeper understanding of the artists who choose to portray these themes in their work.

Smith was also impressed by the range of artwork inspired by ancient Greece and Rome that is held in the GPAG collection. Historic 16th & 17th century European prints such as the etching Untitled (Hermes Decapitating Argos) by Gerardum de Lairesse will be displayed along with modern and contemporary pieces such as Donna Ibing’s 1996 woodcut, Leda and the Swan. The variety of pieces to be displayed as well as the range of years – even centuries -  between the creation of the earliest and the most recent, will show how the ancient world, and the myths and stories that we associate with it, are a continuing source of inspiration for visual artists.

Myths Made Modern

February 8 - March 23, 2014

Opening Reception: 
Sunday, February 9, 2014
2pm - 4pm

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