Monday, September 30, 2013

Artist Call for Entries: The Chautauqua Experience

This call is open to all artists with an interest in Chautauqua.

In November 2013 the Grimsby Public Art Gallery and regional artists will celebrate Grimsby Beach, formerly known as the Chautauqua of Canada.

Artists are invited to explore both the history and the current resurgence of this dynamic area through painting, drawing, photography, sculpture or any other medium they might choose, and we look forward to displaying this artistic homage to Grimsby’s history from November 8 – December 8.

During the past few months Erin Aults, Digitization Assistant for the Grimsby Chautauqua Project, has been creating a digital archive of information about Grimsby Beach; bringing together news stories, documents, images and more that are held in a variety of public and private collections around town. Her research has uncovered some obscure and nearly forgotten Grimsby Beach history including the single week in August 1914 when the community experienced a murder, a devastating fire and the naive glory of watching a group of young men head off to war. We are looking forward to presenting some of the more intriguing information Erin has documented to Library and Art Gallery visitors during Culture Days on September 28 & 29.

This display will also provide artists with even more inspiration as they plan submissions for The Chautauqua Experience. The Chautauqua Submission form for artists to use when they bring their artwork in to the gallery will also be available by Culture Days. Artists will need to bring their work to the gallery between Tuesday October 15th  and Tuesday November 4th ready for display and clearly labeled as indicated in the Submission Form.

A maximum of three works may be submitted, the Gallery will select works to be included in the show based on available space and quality of works.  The Gallery’s decision will be final.

Please feel free to contact the Gallery for a Submission Form, or if you have any additional questions – Have fun, explore and create!

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