Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Upcoming TIFF Film

The Grimsby Public Art Gallery and the Grimsby Public Library are thrilled to announce the new Grimsby Film Club.
Tickets are $8.00 or purchase a 4-movie pass for $25/person.
Tickets and passes may be purchased through the Gallery.

Friday, April 20 @ 7pm
Director:   Werner Herzog
With:   Werner Herzog, Jean Clottes
Run Time:   95 minutes
Year:   2011
Country:   USA
Language:   English

Sealed shut by a landslide for 20,000 years until it was finally discovered in 1994, the Chauvet Cave in southern France contains some of the oldest known examples of pre¬historic art. By comparison, the famous cave art of Lascaux is roughly half as old. Since Chauvet’s discovery, access has been extremely restricted due to concerns that overexposure, even to human breath, could damage the priceless drawings. This invaluable historic site had been open only to a select group of scientists until legendary director Werner Herzog obtained permission to film. The result is a quiet and captivating documentary that not only raises questions about history and art, but the nature of creation and the eternal struggle of mankind to understand.

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