Monday, April 23, 2012

Guerilla Artist in our Midst!

You might recall our post about a thought-provoking art installation that appeared on our grounds the day of our opening reception for This Land is Our Land: The Greenbelt Dichotomy?

Well, we have discovered who the concerned creator is through the magic of Facebook (where we have a page you should immediately go "like":!/pages/Grimsby-Public-Art-Gallery/129646767112893 )

The artist is none other than Diana Brown, our former Summer Studio Instructor extraordinaire (2008)!

Here is what Diana had to say about the piece:

I grew up in a small agricultural farming village called Jordan Station in the Niagara region of Ontario. In 2008 our cannery, which processed fruit for Del Monte, was closed down. This meant that not only when we bought canned peaches from the grocery store these peaches would be from China rather than our own backyards, but also now 2000 acres of orchards had nowhere to send their fruit. 1800 acres were burned down or pulled out, and farmers have no market to grow other types of fruit.

In the past 4 years this has drastically changed the geography of the land as well as the economy of our agriculture. What are the costs to my region: what is the future of Niagara fruit and farmers? What are the costs to our health and environment when we purchase and eat canned fruit from China?

This is my response - here are some of the photos I have taken over the past 4 years as the land has changed. I used these photos to create 7 different labels to re/label cans, and hung them in 4 different locations in Jordan Station, as well as outside of Grimsby Public Art Gallery.

Thank you Diana for this thoughtful contribution to an important ongoing conversation about issues which concern us all.

The installation has been added to the  GPAG's Collection.

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