Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Permanent Collection Pick of the Week

Our gallery’s permanent collection has various works by the Canadian artist Fred Hagan. There is an attention-grabbing appeal to his work that crafts a sense of mystery and awe. For example, one of his artworks that caught my eye is a painting called Garment for living. The painting depicts an abstract human figure looking up towards a garment hanging on a line above his head.
 According to Hagan in the exhibition catalogue “Hagan: The Mind and the Hand:”

Garment for Living is concerned, in my way, with some of the wonder of passion that is the essential core of expression.”

With just over one hundred works being preserved in our permanent collection, these make up a meaningful contribution, acting as a fascinating record of one artist’s place and time.

Rebecca Madamba
Collections Management Assistant

Fred Hagan (b. 1918)
Garment for living, n.d.
Collection of the Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Gift of the artist

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