Monday, July 04, 2011

Flights of Fancy: Niagara Surrealism & Other Imaginings

On display: June 10- July 24, 2011 

Over the course of the gallery's existence there have been many exhibitions drawn from the permanent collection. Each and every show has been different, the themes and arrangements create new thought provoking experiences every time. The diversity of curators who have had the opportunity to work with the gallery have lent to this distinctiveness but the variety and quality of the collection itself also allows for this seemingly endless reincarnation. 

 In many ways this show is about mythologies; the stories we tell about ourselves and the world in order to make sense of our existence. While some of these mythologies may have been displaced by science, which arguably has its own fantastic beasts and gods, most persist in religion, literature and popular culture. Art seems a natural avenue for mythology to become manifest through because art is fundamentally about rendering that in the world which was not previously visible. It is this ability to imagine something outside of immediate human experience in order to better understand our existence that interests me.

We invite you to take the time to contemplate the images presented and to consider how and why certain themes and images persist in mythology, art and literature. Finally, while visiting please take the time to sit and sketch your own fantastic creature, landscape or situation and help to shed light on this fantastic experience we call existence.

Guest Curator & former Collections Management Assistant
Melissa LaPorte, Curator

Interview with Melissa LaPorte by CogecoTV:

This exhibition is generously sponsored by Edith Brown; Kinsmen Club of Grimsby; Zoi Ouzas Realtor; Cole’s Florist & Paul McLeod, Lawyer

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